Terra Dei

This is "Terra Dei," a sustainable house here on the camp campus.  They have solar panels, a compost toilet, and the walls actually are straw bales--very cool.  I also loved the bike hooked up to a battery--twenty minutes of biking can power a tv for 2 hours!  (I wonder if I can get little Henry on a treadmill....)
The trees in the third picture are Chestnut trees--100% American Chestnuts, rescued by an organization operating out of Virginia Tech that went out and found ones that had resisted the blight that had all but killed off the whole species.  We're learning a lot, and enjoying our time here--thinking about how our Christian claims about God's ongoing creative work, the "deep incarnation" in Jesus Christ, and the call to discipleship made possible by the Holy Spirit relates to our understanding of the natural world and our place in it, and with it.